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My Thoughts On The Matt Hardy, Lita, and Christian Storyline

Alright, Well I thought when Matt Hardy was coming to Raw that he was
going to be a face. Well Matt Hardy was a face about 30-40 minutes. I
can't believe that he turned on Lita and left her in the middle of
the ring to take on Eric Bischoff and Molly Holly. That was just so
wrong of him. I couldn't believe that he turned his back on Lita just
like that. Was it all because of Christian hitting on her for the
last couple of weeks before he came to raw or was it because he
wanted to be selfish and emotionally hurt on national television. I
know that it's just a storyline and that Matt Hardy and Lita are
still a couple off screen name and are talking about getting married
in the near future and everything. I thought when Matt Hardy was
coming to Raw that they wanted to keep Matt Hardy and Lita an on
screen couple. I wanna know whats up with Christian hitting on Lita
the last couple of weeks. I think Christian got something up his
sleeve and that he is going to turn on Lita but I am not to sure on
that just yet. Plus I don't understand why Christian is hitting on
Lita anywayz considering there history together. I really don't know
what to expect from this storyline but it looks like a very
interesting one. I think that Lita is going to turn on Christian and
Join Matt Hardy and become a heel or Christian is going to turn on
Lita. I am just going to sit back and wait and see what happens with
this storyline. What does everyone else think about this storyline?
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